State Lawsuit Update: We’re All Tied Up 2-2 as We Head Into the Fourth Inning

breaking health care reform newsThis morning, a Florida judge has ruled that the PPACA, or health care reform law, is unconstitutional.  The judge ruled that because the individual mandate is unconstitutional and that the law does not have a severability clause that the entire law must be struck down.   This brings the count of lawsuits found in favor of opponents to the law up to 2, with 2 earlier suits finding in favor of the law.

So what does this mean?  This means that we’re going to see a trip to the bullpen as the federal government takes the Florida and Virginia rulings to the appellate court.  Of course, that won’t be the end of the game.  Eventually, we will see the closers come to the mound.  Meaning this whole mess will end up in the Supreme Court.  Unfortunately, this game may go into extra innings as the Supreme Court ruling may not come until 2012 or 2013.  In the meantime, the government is expected to ask the appellate court to keep the law in place until it issues its ruling.  So sit back, relax and find that hot dog vendor!  We’re in for a pitcher’s duel.


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