Pssssst. Your Drug Pusher Wants to See You.

Psst Go 90Actually, this post has nothing to do with illegal drugs.  Walgreens is introducing a new program called “Go 90” which will allow customers to get 90 days worth of a prescription at Walgreens pharmacies rather than having to get the 90 day prescription filled through a mail-order pharmacy. 

From the press release:

“One way to improve medication adherence and compliance is by allowing patients to receive 90-day supplies of chronic medications at their community pharmacy,” said Walgreens President and CEO Greg Wasson. “Today, some patients still are only able to receive a 90-day supply through a mail-order option designed by their prescription plan administrator. We are out to change that with our ‘Go 90’ program, which will inform eligible patients that they can receive a 90-day medication supply from their trusted community pharmacist. We also will be encouraging all prescription plan administrators to adopt this design to help both their clients and individuals save money, while improving patient health through proper medication adherence and compliance.”

The 90 day drug supply is a great way to keep people with chronic conditions (asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.) on their med regimen.  This should prevent these patients from having a lapse in their drug supply which could lead to a serious incident, such as a trip to the emergency room.  Many insurance companies provide discounted pricing for a mail-order 90 day supply.  The press release didn’t indicate if Walgreens would be able to honor the discounted pricing that some insurers provide for the 90 day supply, so make sure you check with the pharmacist before you get your prescription filled.

(This post was not sponsored or endorsed by Walgreens.  However, if they would like to sponsor or endorse this blog, please have them give me a call.)


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