Vote to Repeal Health Care Reform Scheduled

According to the Wall Street Journal, Republicans in the House plan to hold a vote on repealing the recently enacted PPACA (health care reform) law on January 12th.  It is expected to pass overwhelmingly in the House (where the GOP has the majority), but to fail in the Senate.  Even if it somehow finds its way through the Senate, President Obama would veto any repeal.

I bring this to your attention only because I believe that there will be some confusion caused by the reporting of this vote and that people may believe that the law has actually been repealed.  Rest assured, it will not be.  However, the GOP will have control of appropriations in the House in 2011 and may find a way to choke off some aspects of the law, such as Medicaid funding to the states or some of the grants for medical research that are built into the law.  As always, please check back regularly for updates and be well!


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