Health Care Will Not Reform Itself

Health Care Will Not Reform ItselfI am an avid reader of any book that presents new ideas on how to address the health system in this country as you can see from my book list on my LinkedIn page. I am re-posting a great book review by Clayton Christiansen who writes at The Intentional Leader blog. Based on his review, I am going to go out and pick up a copy of this book today!

George Halvorson is the CEO of Kaiser Permanente, the largest not-for-profit health plan and care system in the U.S., and has been a leader in the industry for over 30 years. Health Care Will Not Reform Itself is his attempt to spell out what he thinks are the key problems and most promising solutions to the health care problems we face. For Halvorson, as the title of the book suggests, we cannot expect our health care system (which he calls a “n … Read More

via the intentional leader


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