Government Launches New Health Care Reform Website website screenshotAs I mentioned in an earlier post, the federal government was going to launch a national website called and I was going to tell you when it was up and running.  Well, it is up and running as of today. 

On quick inspection, I’d say the Department of Health and Human Services has done a fairly good job.  There is an area for people to find health insurance coverage based on their situation.  I tried this out and it will actually provide you with information about health insurers in your state and provide links to the plan highlight sheets.  Eventually, there will be premium estimates listed there as well.  Most likely, this will be the area where they list insurers adherence to the minimum loss ratio requirements (the amount of premiums that insurers actually spend on health care).  There is also an area for people to compare hospital performance in their communities, which is nice and actually quite informative.  There are other areas that provide people with preventative health tips and information about how the health care reform law will effect you.  The area I like best however is the interactive timeline for health care reform.  This is a nice reference tool and gives you an idea of some of the other things we can expect over the course of the next few years.

Tell me what your opinion is or give me some suggestions on what else you think should be posted on that site.


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