The Country with the BEST Health Care in the World!

Best health care system in the worldThe Commonwealth Fund surveyed doctors and patients in 7 Western countries.  The overall winner??   The Netherlands.  Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue!!!

Wait…I thought the US had the best health care system in the world?   Well, not according to this survey.  In fact, we came in 7th.  That’s out of 7.  The only category we didn’t come in dead last was “Quality of Care”.  We finished 6th there.

What’s really interesting to me is that the Netherlands does NOT have a government run health system.  More surprisingly, they achieve universal coverage with an insurance mandate much like the one the US recently passed.  AND the Netherlands does it for HALF the cost of the US.  We spend $7,290 per person while the Netherlands spends $3,837.

Perhaps when it comes to health care, Americans should think about going Dutch.


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