No Health Insurance? Don’t Shoot Yourself!

Here is a story about a woman in Michigan with arm pain, who is unemployed and without insurance, who decided to shoot herself to get the care she needed.

A couple of comments.

First, it sounds as if she went to the emergency room looking for someone to treat her shoulder.  The following information would have been good to share with her (and probably a good idea to share this with your employees): ER personnel are there for life threatening emergencies such as car accidents, heart attacks and the like. DO NOT go to the emergency room if you have pain in your shoulder, a headache or some such. She would have been better off going to a local general practitioner, sharing her predicament with him and asking for a discount or payment plan. 

Second, if she is very lucky the state will prosecute her and send her to jail. Then, she will get free healthcare in the prison and maybe the prison doctor will be able to help her with the shoulder pain.  <—— (sarcasm)   =)


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